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What will happen next in Syria's War? What remains from the so-called Arab Spring?


Ben Bawey is a Political Scientist and Islamic Scholar born in a small village in Thuringia, the green heart of Germany. Along his school years, he developed a growing interest for the Middle East. Subsequently; Bawey chose to pursue Political Science, Communication, Media and Islamic Studies in the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena.



Keen to learn the Arabic language and fascinated by the Middle-East which was far removed from his world; Bawey hit the road and visited Arab countries such as Syria and Egypt during his studies. He fell in love with Damascus, Amman and Cairo which carved important chapters in his life:



“Damascus, especially, felt like a second home for me. I was living a fairy tale from 1,001 nights, in an old town with tiny allays and overgrown Jasmine flowers. There, you could feel the ancient history – or should I rather say, you would have felt it? I should get accustomed to the fact that I need to use the conditional tense when talking about this place. In television and social media, we are forced to see how some of the oldest cities in human history get destroyed and annihilated.”



After a Masters degree, Bawey have worked and lived in Tunisia where he wrote his first two books. He discovered a shattered country, rattled by a revolution: “Tunisia -the cradle of the so-called Arab Spring- has made a precarious way towards a future that is far from certain.



Now, after the first free elections, time would show whether the Secular and Religious parties are willing to communicate with each other.”


Ben Bawey is currently living in the United Arab Emirates. His new book “Assad’s Struggle for Power. An introduction into Syria’s War” is out now through Springer Fachmedien, Germany’s leading scientific research publisher.
















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Five years of war in Syria!

New book is out now:


"Assad's Struggle for Power - An Introduction into Syria's War" (Springer Fachmedien)


Complimentary extracts from the book and additional OnlinePlus material you may find here.


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